Millvale Marks 150th Birthday with Its Best Recipes

Saturday’s Taste of Millvale event – during the Allegheny River town’s Friday and Saturday May Days – gives attendees literal tastes of some townspeople’s best recipes. If you have something you like so much that you want to make it yourself, you can buy a copy of a cookbook compiled just for the occasion.

Set for noon to 3 p.m. Saturday at the Grant Avenue Pocket Park, the free event is a PopUp! Pittsburgh project of a class of young professionals from Leadership Pittsburgh’s Leadership Development Initiative, which has spotlit other neighborhoods in various ways.

The idea for Millvale, on the occasion of the big anniversary of its founding in 1868, was to put out a call there for recipes and the stories behind them, judge them and put the best into a cookbook to raise funds for the community. After the event, the public can also access the recipes via cookbooks at the Millvale Community Library and at

One contributor is Tina Walker, a longtime resident who is a board member of the Millvale Community Development Corp. and chair of the Millvale Arts Council. She loved the idea from the start. “Who doesn’t like cookbooks? Unless you hate to cook. There are a few of those. They love to eat, though,” she says.

One of her recipes is for Mum’s Apricot Cookies, which her mother got from Ms. Walker’s Hungarian aunt. According to the story that Ms. Walker submitted with the recipe, the older women made the cookies without measuring, with “just good old-fashioned baking instincts. However, when it came to me wanting to make sure the recipe was true-to-form to pass down to future generations, I tweaked [it] by making the cookies with her and measuring all ingredients as we went along.

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